No Software Needed

You don’t install any special software, connect to facebook, or divulge lots of details in order to use the Dodoname service. Simply sign up and create email addresses; you read your emails any way you choose – desktop, mobile, browser.


We don’t ask for, sell or give away any details about you. That includes who you receive emails from, the contents of your emails, your usage of the system in any way. Dodoname is here to benefit you, not big business.

Zero Spam
Zero Spam

You will only receive emails from the people you give your email addresses to; once they are bound to the sender, they will reject any incoming emails from others. Global businesses want your data – cut them off now and use Dodoname.

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Recent testimonials

"I tried my hand at online dating and although those sites have private messaging, when the time came to swap email addresses, it was nice to use Dodoname. I knew I could remain as anonymous as I wished."

Rebecca Lewis
"I always get frustrated when asked for an email address in stores. Now I just use the iOS app and create an email address right away. Since only the store can use it, even if they sell it to advertisers then I don't get any spam."

Kirsty Cousins
"I wanted a safe way to be able to email my children and know they are protected from others getting their email addresses. Using Dodoname, I know they will only see emails from me."

Margaret Handsworth
"I sign up to a lot of stuff online, like steam and game forums. It's great to know I can do that using Dodoname, knowing none of those sites know my identity, and best of all that they can't sell my details to others."

David Davis