Backgrounder: Get the best from the web without ever revealing who you are.

Dodoname ( is the world’s first privacy-marketing platform that reconciles the seemingly opposing forces of Internet personalization and protection of personal data. Dodoname’s goal is to make online interactions authentic, transparent, controlled – and private.

Users can create a unique Dodoname, which they can use much like an email address to interact online. The difference is that no personal information is collected about the user and there are no linkages between their Dodoname and their actual contact information. Gone are the risks of spam, data breaches and privacy hacks.

Users can spawn new Dodonames on the fly, both on the desktop and through our mobile app, to sign up for new deals, register a warranty, download a white paper, subscribe to a magazine or transact any other type of interaction – all while retaining complete control and privacy. Any Dodoname can be programmed to go extinct after a single use, after a specific period, or on command at any time.

Many people have come up with clumsy workarounds to the problem of having to give away more personal information than they’d like when interacting online. These workarounds include creating multiple burner email addresses for which login details and passwords need to be remembered, or providing dummy information that is of no use to the recipient.

The company is launching the iOS app and web application in October 2014. A follow-up release with additional functionality is planned for November 2014.

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