Click here to unsubscribe: The Hotel California of email

Click here to unsubscribe: The Hotel California of email

By Francis Moran

The Eagles wrote their enduring rock hit “Hotel California” in the mid-1970s, well before email had even begun to be adopted, so it’s improbable they could have predicted how the closing lyrics of that song would come to describe the horror we have all experienced in trying to unsubscribe from an email list.

We all know the scenario. Either with or without our permission, our email address has found its way onto the marketing list — They call it “marketing.” You call it “spam.” —  of some company or organization. And even though they provide a link at the bottom and invite you to “click here to unsubscribe,” nothing you do gets you off that list. Just like the night man says in that great Eagles song, “You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.”

It is, perhaps, one of the most frustrating things about email.

Dodoname kills that beast.

When you give a merchant a new Dodoname for whatever purpose, our technology creates a one-to-one link between that unique Dodoname and that merchant. Our servers will not let anything except messages from that merchant get through to that Dodoname. And when you turn off that Dodoname or make it go extinct, we stop letting anything through.

So go ahead — smell the colitas, hear the mission bell, light up a candle, dance in the courtyard and gather for the feast. And when you’ve had enough and go running for the door, rely on Dodoname to check you out for good.

(Image: The Hotel California in Todos Santos, Baja California Sud, Mexico, may or may not have been the inspiration for the Eagles’ classic rock hit. It is, however, a lovely place to stay in my favourite Mexican surf town.)

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