Don't give out your email address

Email address at checkout

Don’t give out your email address

… unless you are sure how it will be used

Have you ever been asked for your email address or postal code at a store checkout? Have you ever wondered why they ask? Have they even bothered to give you a reason (such as to “limit fraud” on credit cards) or did they just bully you for it, hoping you won’t cause a scene? Well folks, it’s all for the mighty dollar and it’s BIG business, and by that we mean really big business

Your Privacy is Being Sold

Your email address (along with postal code, buying habits, phone number, credit card usage and more) is just one morsel of information about you that gets directly or indirectly siphoned from you during transactions. It’s worth something; for marketers, there are nice formulas for calculating just what “you” are worth. Where “big data” is concerned, you are just the sum of your parts.

How We Can Help You

Dodoname helps you create and manage as many email addresses as you like; all emails come in to your one dashboard. There’s no spam and you can deactivate your email addresses at any time. You can even use our awesome iPhone app for when you are on the go. One click and you have a new email address, how cool is that?

privacy and freedom
  • Free – there’s nothing stopping you giving it a try
  • Private – we don’t sell your email address, period
  • Spam free – who doesn’t like that!
  • Unique “dodoname” – choose your unique Dodoname to personalize your experience
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