What is a Dodoname?

A Dodoname is your unique 'alias name' that you created at signup.


What is the purpose of a Dodoname?

First: Dodoname is your 'username' at login.

Second:  Dodoname forms the prefix for the Dodoname email addresses that you create.

  • Example: Assume your Dodoname was Marcopolo,
  • The first email address you create becomes marcopolo.1@dodoname.com
  • The 161st email address you create becomes marcopolo.161@dodoname.com

What are the differences between Active, Inactive, and Unmatched email addresses?

An Active email address means that you have created an email address that has a Matched Sender.

An Inactive  Dodoname email address means that you have created an email address that has a matched Sender but that you have changed the status of that email to Inactive - meaning that the Sender is blocked from sending you emails.

  • Example: You registered with a merchant using a unique Dodoname email address. That sender started sending you spam, or you simply did not want anything else from that service, and you made the email address Inactive.

An Unmatched Dodoname email address means that you have created an email address but that it does not yet have a Matched Sender.  There are several reason why you have Unmatched Dodname email addresses.

  • The Sender has not yet sent you an email to create a Matched Sender.
  • Just playing around and testing the Dodoname system you can easily create Dodoname email addresses which show up in your Manager Email Addresses as unmatched since they have not been given to a merchant or service.

Recommendation: Check your Unmatched folder under the Manage Email Address tab for Unmatched email addresses to use rather than create a new one.

What is a Matchd Sender?

A Matched Sender is the result of;

  1. Creating a Dodoname email address,
  2. Giving that email to a merchant or service when you register with them,
  3. That merchant sends an email to the Dodoname email address that you gave them.
  4. The first email from a sender to a Dodoname email address becomes the Matched Sender.
  5. From that moment forward only the Matched Sender is approved to send email to the email address you gave them.  (this is how we stop spam and protect your privacy)

Who needs a Dodoname?

Everyone on the Internet needs a Dodoname. If you register with merchants or for services anywhere on the Internet you should use a Dodoname email address an not your personal or business email address. You personal or business email address is like the front door to your house - don't give out the keys to your virtual house to every service provide on the Internet - use a Dodonaem email address instead. Protect yourself.

Examples of when to use a Dodoname email address.

  1. At the coffee shop, hotel or airport that asks for an email address to gain WiFi access.
  2. Hotels are notorious for collecting and selling email addresses they collect as a pretense to ensure that you are not a spammer. Give them a Dodoname.
  3. All you wanted was that White Paper. You got the white paper and you got spammed. Use a Dodoname configured for one day and get on the White Paper that you wanted.
  4. You signed up for a single magazine with your regular email address. Unbeknownst to you most magazines are part of larger chains….and now you are getting emails from all of them. Give then a Dodoname and create a one to one relationship.
  5. You are very interested in receiving offers from your favorite retailer – but not year-round. Dodoname’s can be configured to but turned on an off whenever you want.
  6. You have a warranty that you want to register but you don’t want to get a contiuous stream of marketing emails from the vendor. Give them and Dodoname, tag it ‘warranty’, to make it super simple to find that warranty in the future.
  7. Retailers are beginning to ask for an email address so that they can send you receipt. This is actually a great way to track your receipts but it also opens a privacy breach window and the potential of spam. Give them a Dodoname and tag your receipt for quick search and retrieval in the future should it be required.
  8. Register for a Webinar using the thirty day Dodoname obsolescence feature to ensure that you get updates in advance of the webinar but also that spamming is ensured to stop after the Webinar because of the built in obsolescence feature. After 30 days the Dodoname dies and cannot be reused unless you reactivate it. Yes, there it is again, another example of Consumers in control of their privacy settings.
  9. The GAP is your favorite retailer and you want to conintually receive offers and updates from the GAP. Give them a Dodoname that does not expire and hopefully you have a Spam-free relationship with the GAP. If they break their e-promise to you then ‘shut-em down’ with Dodoname’s DEACTIVATE button.
  10. Software demos or trials. Use a Dodoname to sign up to test products and be assured that you won't immediately be hounded by the sales team.