Get in the queue to grab your unique Dodoname

Get in the queue to grab your unique Dodoname

New privacy marketing platform means the end of online privacy abuse

NEW GLASGOW, NS AND OTTAWA ON – September 23, 2014 – Savvy consumers who want to confidently interact with merchants without compromising their online privacy are today invited to get in the queue to join Dodoname (, the world’s first privacy marketing platform that will launch by invitation only in about three weeks.

Consumers who join the queue will get first crack at selecting the Dodoname of their choice, and will be the first to be able to use this novel new service that will mean they will never again have to give out their actual email address.

“If you’ve ever wanted to be Julius Caesar, or R2D2, or Elvis, or Da Vinci, now’s your chance,” said Dodoname founder and CEO Michael Gaffney. “Those who get in line first will have first dibs over the Dodoname of their liking, whether it’s an historical figure, their favorite superhero, or a beloved literary figure.”

Consumers can use a Dodoname instead of their real email address for almost any interaction with a merchant. They can spawn new Dodonames on the fly, either on the desktop or through a mobile app, to sign up for offers, register a warranty, receive an e-receipt, download a whitepaper, subscribe to a magazine or transact any other type of interaction – all while retaining complete control and privacy.

Dodonames can be made to go extinct after a single use, after a specific period, or on command at any time. In this way, consumers retain complete control over how, when, where – or even if – merchants can communicate with them, and can drop merchants at any time with an absolute guarantee they will never hear from them again.

“Our goal is nothing less than to elevate and optimize the relationship between consumers and merchants by making it authentic, transparent, controlled and, best of all, private,” said Gaffney. “Consumers can at last go where they want, do what they want, and access whatever information they want, without having to fear that unwelcome offers and other spam will flood their inboxes.”

The Dodoname consumer app will launch by invitation only in about three weeks. (A follow-up release with additional functionality is planned for November 2014.) To get an invitation, consumers can, starting today, join a queue to be among the first in the world to take advantage of this new privacy marketing platform and to have the best chance of claiming the unique Dodoname of their choice.

You can move up in the queue by inviting members of your social networks to also get in queue. The more people who click your link and join the queue, the higher you climb. When the platform launches, those in the queue will be invited to join and claim their unique Dodoname. Invitations will be sent out on a staggered basis starting with those who have generated the most additional sign-ups.

About Dodoname

Dodoname ( is world’s the first privacy marketing platform. Dodonames can be spawned on the fly to be used in almost any merchant interaction, and can be made to go extinct whenever the consumer chooses. With Dodoname, consumers can take complete control of their online identity and confidently interact with merchants with no fear of unwanted offers and other spam.

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