Email Addresses

Email Addresses

1. Creating email addresses

In all of the Dodoname apps, you can click “Create Email Address” and that’s it, a shiny email address ready to receive emails. In the web app you can even create super-secret email addresses, choosing whether they use your Dodoname (such as “ or are cryptic (such as “”).

2. Managing email addresses

In the web app and chrome extension, you can manage the email addresses you’ve created. Click on “Email Addresses” and then you can give them short descriptions (such as “used this on a forum” or “given to clerk in home hardware”). You can change their state from “active” (can receive emails) to inactive (can’t receive emails) when you like. When you’re really done with an email address, you can trash it also, at which point it’ll never receive emails at all.

3. Email address settings

There are 2 settings for email addresses; one is for push notifications and the other is for forwarding. The push notifications will send alerts to your Dodoname iOS app, when your email address received a new email. The email forwarding will send you an email, to the email address you signed up to Dodoname with, telling you your email address has received an email. Note, the email forwarding doesn’t forward the contents of your email, to maintain security of its contents.

4. Unmatched email addresses

In Dodoname, when an email address received an email, it then is “locked” to that sender. We call this a “matched” email address, because it’s matched to a sender (easy, huh?) Well, before an email addresses has received anything, it is “unmatched”. Sometimes, you may give out some email addresses and they don’t end up receiving anything – well these stay unmatched and you can hand them out again or just trash them if you like.