How to Use Dodoname

1. Create a Dodoname

When you sign up for Dodoname, the very first thing you do is choose your “Dodoname”; it is your online alias. It can be anything really; “superwoman”, “keep me private”, “batman” you name it. All of your email addresses will start with this Dodoname (for instance, “superwoman” would produce email addresses like “superwoman.1@dodoname.com”, “superwoman.2@dodoname.com” and so on – get the picture?

2. Create email addresses

Now that you’ve created a Dodoname, you can log in and start creating email addresses. Whether on the iOS app, desktop app or chrome extension, you can hit the “Create Email Address” button and there you go, one shiny new email address awaits!

3. Share email addresses

Once created, you can tell the cashier at the checkout, hand them out at conferences, use them in online forms when signing up for services. Anywhere you can use a regular email address, you can use a Dodoname email address. Once a sender sends an email to one of your email addresses, the email address “locks” to that sender … no more spam!

4. Read your emails

When senders send emails to your Dodoname email addresses, they come into one convenient inbox for you. You can read your emails on iOS, desktop or in the chrome extension. You can organize your emails, favorite them, trash them – just like regular webmail.

5. Extinct yourself!

Yep – that’s where the “Dodo” from “Dodoname” comes in :-) When you don’t want an email address any more, just delete it and poof … it’s gone, no emails sent to it will come through.