It’s alive! (Privacy, that is.)

It’s alive! (Privacy, that is.)

In counterpoint to our post where we asked who killed privacy, this week we will explore the idea that privacy is alive and well. Privacy is dead, long live privacy!

Facebook, which we profiled as a suspect in privacy’s demise, in fact has taken great steps recently to simplify its privacy policy and make users aware of their rights and options when using the platform. In its easy to follow Privacy Basics online guide, Facebook trumpets, “you’re in charge.” Users can drill down into the interactive guide to find out about how to control privacy on what others see about how they use the platform (from posting to making friends and beyond), how others can interact with users and customizing what users themselves want to see.

And, Facebook accepted user feedback about how to further improve its data policy. Sounds like one of the greatest perceived privacy offenders online is working to improve transparency and provide users with control over their privacy. This can only be a good thing.

Another suspect in the much-ballyhooed demise of privacy was all of us through our penchant for oversharing. In last week’s article, we alluded to an interesting article from WIRED that stated “Why privacy is actually thriving online” that took a more philosophical approach to the topic: publicity and privacy are not mutually exclusive. By sharing some of our thoughts/moments/selfies/data online, we’re actually making choices that potentially guard our privacy. Why did you choose to share some details, and not others? The bottom line is that consumers and users of social media want choice online and they want to be in charge of the choices they make about what to share, when and with whom. Dodoname provides users with that control that they desire.

The business of privacy is certainly booming. As the number of data breaches increases, companies are hiring privacy experts in droves, while consumers seek out ways to protect their privacy online. You don’t have to have specialized skills or programming background to gain complete control over your online privacy, persona and communications. Just use Dodoname!

In an age when even your car can collect and distribute your data without your knowledge or consent, it’s important that empowered consumers discover and utilize tools that give them back control over their data, tools like Dodoname. Privacy is alive and well, you just have to know how to seize it.

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