The week in review: privacy law world showcase, Sony’s bad week, and a phishing pop quiz

The week in review: privacy law world showcase, Sony’s bad week, and a phishing pop quiz

In our weekly roundup, we draw your attention to selected news and articles that highlight issues relating to invasions of your online privacy and threats to the security of your personal data, including problems that Dodoname can help solve. Catching our attention this week were posts about Internet privacy laws (or lack thereof) around the world, Sony’s extensive data breach, and a phishing pop quiz. For all our privacy, security and personal data related posts follow @MyDodoname on Twitter.

Whose Internet privacy laws are the fairest in all the land?

Do you want the bad news first? Or the good news first?

The bad news is that of the countries surveyed by the World Wide Web Foundation on the topic of Internet privacy law, 84% got a failing grade.

The good news? … well… er… Christmas is coming?

According to a Sputnik News article: “The United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and France all scored three out of a possible 10 in providing legal safeguards to ensure that surveillance did not interfere with rights to privacy.”

With a lack of legislation in place to protect consumers, it’s essential that they seek out and use tools and platforms that help them to protect their own online privacy, to control their own online personas and communications with merchants. Platforms like Dodoname can help!

All the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster

Those that follow the infosecurity and Hollywood beats have been glued to their screens since the announcement of a huge data breach at Sony Pictures that shares similar plot points with many a blockbuster thriller. From Forbes: “hackers not only erased data from its systems, but also stole, and released to the public, pre-release movies, people’s private information, and sensitive documents.” Extortion attempts, ignored warnings, cryptic messages to execs from the culprits and other go-to plot points became all too real, and splashed all over the Internet this week. Even more damning is that it appears the problems were discovered long ago – with a hack recorded in February and the studio deciding to keep it quiet. <insert joke about hindsight being 20/20 here>

The repercussions of this week’s revelations are widespread and ugly, from racist jokes made by studio executives at the president of the United States expense, to the A list slinging mud and bad mouthing other A list talent. The financial implications – and reputational damage – to Sony will no doubt be long lasting and the media is sure to broadcast every last juicy detail. It is a sobering lesson for organizations that are treating cybersecurity as an afterthought.

Phishing pop quiz

It’s Friday. You’ve had a long week. You’re looking for an online activity that will get you that much closer to the weekend. This phishing email quiz is just the ticket. Can you spot the difference between a legit email and a phishing scam?

How did you rate on the quiz? Tell us in the comments. And if you didn’t do so well, don’t despair: the IT security experts that first took the quiz didn’t do much better, as a mere 6% got all questions right. And, as the article at the link mentions, “this is their job.”

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