Take back control of your online identity with Dodoname

Take back control of your online identity with Dodoname

New privacy marketing platform means the end of online privacy abuse

NEW GLASGOW, NS AND OTTAWA ON – November 4, 2014 – Dodoname (, the world’s first privacy marketing platform, has launched in open beta, giving savvy consumers the power to confidently interact with merchants without compromising their online privacy.

We all deal with it, day in, day out – piles of unwanted email. From solicitations from legitimate sources, to spam and malicious phishing – most of what hits our inboxes is junk.

Why? Because we engage and interact online with our email address. And once this vital piece of information is out there, it’s defenseless against misuse.

Dodoname puts an end to this online privacy abuse. It’s the single best way to interact with merchants and vendors to get the stuff you want – and only the stuff you want – without ever revealing who you are. Your privacy and anonymity are assured.

“Merchants and marketers don’t need to know who you are to give you what you really want,” said Dodoname founder and CEO Michael Gaffney. “In the past, you had to create multiple burner email accounts to preserve some semblance of online privacy. Even then, you still had to provide a lot of personal information about yourself. Dodoname gives you true privacy, without having to jump through hoops.”

Once the Dodoname mobile app comes online in a few weeks, you will be able to manage your Dodoname account from any connected device. The only piece of information you have to provide to create your account and get started is your email, which Dodoname will not disclose to anyone else.

Consumers can use a Dodoname instead of their real email address for almost any interaction with a merchant. With your Dodoname account, you can spawn any number of unique Dodonames that are iterations of your Dodoname. For example,, followed by superman.02@dodoname, and so on.

Use these Dodonames as you would a regular email address, to sign up for offers, register a warranty, receive an e-receipt, download a whitepaper, subscribe to a magazine, or for any other kind of interaction.

Dodonames can be made to go extinct after a single use, after a specific period, or on command at any time. In this way, consumers retain complete control over how, when, where – or even if – merchants can communicate with them, and can drop merchants at any time with an absolute guarantee they will never hear from them again.

What’s next?

But Dodoname is much more than just a privacy messaging service.

In the coming weeks, we will launch our merchant app. Participating merchants will be able to make personalized offers direct to Dodoname users who have opted in by completing some or all of their Dodoname persona. A persona will detail personal – but not private, identifying – information to help merchants deliver individualized offers. Consumers will retain full control over which kinds of offers they want to receive, if any, and which ones they don’t.

“With Dodoname, the consumer always calls the shots,” said Gaffney. “We give you what you want, when you want it, and when you’ve had enough, ‘no’ always means ‘no.’”

About Dodoname

Dodoname ( is world’s the first privacy marketing platform. Consumers can spawn new Dodonames on the fly, use them in place of an email address for almost any merchant interaction, and make them go extinct at any time. With Dodoname, consumers can take complete control of their online identity to confidently interact with merchants, without ever revealing who they really are. Face your inbox without fear of unwanted offers and other spam.

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