This week in review: data breaches, oversharing online, phishing, DRM run amok

This week in review: data breaches, oversharing online, phishing, DRM run amok

By Don Dobson

In our weekly roundup, we want to draw your attention to news and articles that highlight issues relating to invasions of your online privacy and threats to the security of your personal data: problems that Dodoname can solve. Catching our attention this week were posts about data breaches, the competing forces of privacy and oversharing on social media, phishing trips, and 1984 in 2014.

Come for the frozen treats and bargain basement prices, stay for the data breach! 

The ongoing parade of data breaches continued this week with these crimes potentially impacting customers of retailers like Dairy Queen and Kmart. These types of attacks are up 30% over 2013 with reports that 43% of companies globally have been affected. Retailers are one thing but security experts are increasingly concerned when they see what should be bastions of security like banks being affected, such as was the case with JP Morgan.

How are people reconciling privacy with sharing online? Poorly.

Stories like the Edward Snowden revelations, spam scams or retailer data breaches are certainly bubbling to the top in media coverage. The fact is, issues surrounding privacy in a world where much of life is lived on-line are complex and there are many implications on a personal level. Are individuals really processing it all and behaving differently? We all do have some personal responsibility of course and Kate Murphy writing in the New York Times says privacy researchers are seeing signs of a backlash, like setting up fake identities, but still it seems; We Want Privacy, but Can’t Stop Sharing

Phishing catches are bountiful

We learned this week that even LinkedIn has become a forum for phishing type attacks and that phishing attacks from websites using one of the world’s most widely used content management platforms, WordPress, are increasingly rapidly.

Surprise: you’ve joined an Orwellian book club! 

Adobe was in the privacy spotlight this week as well, with their attempt at so-called Digital Rights Management (DRM). Independent reports; claim that Adobe’s e-book software, “Digital Editions,” logs every document readers add to their local “library,” tracks what happens with those files, and then sends those logs back to the mother-ship, over the Internet, in the clear. In other words, Adobe is not only tracking your reading habits, it’s making it really, really easy for others to do so as well. Librarian Barbara Fister challenged her profession to be more privacy aware in regard to Adobe, noting; Chances are, you’ve heard the troubling news that the new version of Adobe Digital Editions is a privacy train wreck.

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