This week in review: U.N. pushes for digital privacy rights, Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams, Target data breach one year later

This week in review: U.N. pushes for digital privacy rights, Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams, Target data breach one year later

In our weekly roundup, we draw your attention to selected news and articles that highlight issues relating to invasions of your online privacy and threats to the security of your personal data, including problems that Dodoname can help solve. Catching our attention this week were posts about the United Nations recommending digital privacy rights, Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams, and lessons learned from the Target data breach last year. For all our privacy, security and personal data related posts follow @MyDodoname on Twitter.

United Nations pushes for digital privacy rights

The digital rights cause had a bright light shone on it this week when the United Nations adopted a resolution to protect citizens’ digital privacy.

The resolution recommends that “all countries to protect the right to privacy in digital communications and to offer their citizens a way to seek “remedy” if their privacy is violated.” Germany and Brazil led the charge, with notable holdouts Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Britain and Australia notably absent from the resolution’s 65 co-sponsors.

The German co-sponsor name checked Big Brother’s inventor in his appeal to the U.N.

“Without the necessary checks,” said the German ambassador, Harald Braun, “we risk turning into Orwellian states, where every step of every citizen is being monitored and recorded in order to prevent any conceivable crime.”

Deals! And Scams! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are finally here!

The Monday after Thanksgiving is the most important online shopping day in the United States. Dubbed Cyber Monday, the first business day following Thanksgiving, Dec 2, 2014, is expected to exceed the record of $1.74 billion spend on Cyber Monday 2013 – the biggest online spending day of all time. Prime conditions as online scammers target holiday shoppers. Watch out for scams as you’re filling your online carts.

Lessons from the Target data breach

This week, Target’s CEO hit the PR trail, appearing on network television to address the retailer’s Black Friday plans but also discuss the huge data breach that Target suffered in 2013. Chalking it up to an “industry problem” he stressed that the company is doing everything it can to protect customers’ privacy. Cold comfort for those who had their credit card information stolen, and the banks that suffered tremendous losses in the breach. Thos banks filed lawsuits against Target looking for reparations, but Target claimed in court this week that they had no legal obligation to the banks that claimed tens of millions of dollars in losses.

On that data breach, whodunit? This article posits that foreign gangs are the culprit in a data breach that compromised the data of more than 40 million consumers.

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