Your online butler

Your online butler, discreet, efficient and assisting you to get what you want

Your online butler

email revisited … for the discerning customer

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a butler? – one of those discreet, polite assistants you see on tv. You just tell them what you want then sit back and it’s served to you, just the way you like it. That’d be the life; one less thing you need to deal with. Well now you can!

How We Can Help You

Dodoname has something just for you. It’s a way to manage the hassle of signing up for anything online; promos, flyers, deal sites and more in one convenient place. You get total discretion, because it can make up email addresses for you – that’s right, any time you want. You have the freedom to spread far and wide, signing up for anything and everything you like without worrying about what they will know about you.

Your Discreet Assistant

Dodoname has a free, unique way of guaranteeing zero spam, zip, nada. You get what you want from who you want. No more of those pesky businesses selling your data. Dodoname is also creating a super way for you to tell it what you are looking for and it can save you time by highlighting the emails that match just that. You say “tennis shoes” and it says “here’s what your butler found this week for you”. Nice.

your online butler
  • Free – there’s nothing stopping you starting today
  • Discreet – businesses only see your Dodoname email addresses
  • No Spam – spam is so 2014!
  • Unique “dodoname” – choose your unique Dodoname to personalize your experience

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